The Ultimate Facial: Deep Pore Cleansing

Urbane Skin therapists share their secrets and experience with you!

Well, admit it! You flip the magazines and get caught by J. Lo’s glow or you wonder how Julia Roberts has such a clean and bright face, right?
Well, we decided to no longer keep our beauty secrets. It’s all about the Deep Pore Cleansing Facial. Beauty connoisseurs know this to be the essential part for women to have a glowing, bright, young-looking skin.
Urbane Skin Spa therapists know the insider tips that lead to a flawless skin and we are ready to share them with you: Did you know that superb Deep Pore Cleansing is actually the treatment that highlights the good looks of your skin, if you do it regularly? Or that every skin type needs a personalized deep pore facial cleansing?
Facial cleansing is the timeless beauty treatment; the key to renew your skin and make it glow –only it has to be performed by an expert spa therapist.
Urbane Skin expert team is here to thoroughly look at your needs and choose the facial cleansing that will grant you a smooth, radiant and perfectly clear skin; a 5-star facial cleansing.
Depending on your skin type, skin needs and the Beautician’s consultation, you may choose among the Deep Pore Cleansing, the Deep Cleansing with refined fruit acids (AHA) like glycolic acid, or the Medical Deep Facial Cleansing, ideal for acne-prone skin.
Urbane Skin uses the multi-awarded professional cosmetics brand Bio Jouvance Paris to all its facial treatments.
Indulge in the experience…
Let’s have a quick look at the procedure of facial cleansing performed to achieve both glowing and relaxed skin. In Urbane Skin, it is a unique ritual: The beautician first removes foundation with Bio Hydrating Cleansing Milk demaquillage, then applies Clarifying Gel Cleanser to remove dead cells and oil residue, then completes the first stage of facial cleansing by toning skin with Clarifying Astringent Lotion that contains 12% AHA.
The key to a successful facial cleansing is the unique technique of unclogging the pores and removing black heads gently –leaving no marks, irritations or discomfort.
Urbane Skin stands out by its technique and also by the products applied like the exceptional Octopeel Enzyme Peeling Masque, as well as the application of professional steamer with ozone. The skin becomes immediately smooth, bright and glowing.
…Trust the Oxygen Power
Urbane Skin, always a beauty pioneer, takes it one step further and offers the revolutionary Oxygen Peel. Ideal for all skin types, ages and lifestyle, it combines active oxygen and Glycolic acid peel of low concentration; a skin booster that removes toxins and recuperates cells. No more tired and pale skin!
And marvel at the result!
You won’t believe in your eyes! And yet you will not get enough of the feeling of a robust, renewed, glowing, young-looking skin. Say goodbye to tired-looking skin, affected by environment factors, annoying black heads, spots and excess oiliness.
We have just shared the secrets of the exceptional Deep Pore Facial Cleansing. This rejuvenating experience -Urbane Skin knows so well- is just one click away at or a phone call at +30 210725 0473.