Cellulite: Massage vs Body Treatments

Urbane Skin stellar cellulite massage works miracles on your body!

Which word starting with c you hate the most? We all know the answer. It’s Cellulite. For millions of women of all ages, cellulite is a constant worry. This orange peel-like surface is not a matter of age, but of lifestyle, diet and genes. Cellulite is also “fond of” these parts of women’s bodies that we all want them to be smooth and robust: upper legs, buttocks, thighs, belly and arms.

And yet, if you have a Mediterranean body type, you know that you are more likely to develop cellulite and some kind of local fat or uneven skin texture. Besides that, what do you wish for, just before the summer holidays? To eliminate annoying cellulite, get rid of excess fat and have a smooth, healthy-looking and even skin, of course.

Urbane Skin can make your wish come true. Get ready to go to the beach with the body of your dreams! Our goal is to relieve you from cellulite quickly and painlessly.
We achieve it by using a technique that combines lymphatic massage with specialized products; and Hollywood stars swear by it.

Massage that works miracles
Women in-the-know about cellulite prefer to deal with it with massages; the Urbane Skin way. This is the Anti-Cellulite Slimming & Firming Massage, a specialized massage for intense skin sagging with the secret technique of Urbane Skin.

The result is impressive offering multiple benefits from session one: it shrinks fat cells, rejuvenates the skin, activates its deepest layers, smooths it and brings out its even texture.

Indeed, massage is the healthiest and most natural way to get rid of cellulite and local fat. This is a technique that should be applied only by experienced beauticians and spa therapists who know body shaping and anatomy, while performing Lymphatic massage and body sculpting with professional products.
Step into Urbane Skin to experience this exceptional technique that activates lymph nodes, the well-known Lymphatic massage and get rid of the orange peel-like effect skin for good.

…Top trend: Cupping massage to enhance elasticity
Besides, you can try the latest trend and enhance the result even more. Cupping massage involves placing cups on the skin slowly while moving upwards in such a way that stimulates tissue, tones muscles and enhances body elasticity.

This special massage is combined with the professional products of Bio Jouvance Paris, Thermo Active Cellulite Cream or Slimming & Firming Microgel. They are microcellular able to penetrate to the deepest layers of your skin and renew it in depth. Depending on the needs, they can also be combined with Bio Jouvance Paris renowned mesotherapy ampoules like colastin, instant lift or Co Q10.

Get impressive results from the first session! The number of sessions needed for your package is estimated according to your body type, weight and lifestyle. Ask for our special offers!

…Or treat cellulite with Devices
In Urbane skin, we also treat cellulite using advance technology: try Lipo Sculpture, a modern non-invasive method of treating local fat and cellulite that is absolutely effective and safe. It targets “buns” and local fat through ultrasound waves while radio frequencies tighten the skin while stimulating the production of collagen.

One of the most well established techniques for over thirty years: it combines 3-to-1 actions, while radio frequencies aim at transforming your body. First with fat dissolution, then with skin tightening and finally with its total renewal, in a way that even nature itself cannot!

Summer is here! Don’t waste any more time; book your appointment with your new, transformed body! Call us at +30 210 7250473 or contact us at info@urbaneskin.com