City Spa Athens

City Spa – Athens

“We have put all our experience and zest to create a beauty, wellness and well-being space in Kolonaki: The exquisite beauty destination!

We merged the international beauty trends with the current lifestyle of modern women (Skin: care – medi – style).

We apply modern methods of beauty, skin care, wellness and aesthetic medicine with respect to the skin and hence the personality of our visitors and customers.
In Urbane Skin, classical beauty approach inspires and leads to modern aesthetics. At the same time, the know-how of the team blends elegantly with the science of cosmetology in an innovative way, thus allowing Urbane Skin to create beauty therapies and treatments that really work (Savoir Faire – Beauté – Vivre).»

 Georgina Karella – CEO   Urbane Skin

Who is who
Georgina Karella possesses international experience, cosmopolitan air, exceptional style and views, as well as international pursuits in beauty, aesthetics and cosmetology and is a woman of universal ideals! She has a proven track record as a senior executive in large corporations in the beauty and communications industries; a strong entrepreneurial spirit, deep knowledge of her subject, ability to innovate and the development of new ideas and products. Having collaborated with all the great names in the beauty and cosmetics industry, Georgina is creative and has an immense ability to focus in the achievement of her vision and goals.

Skin Care

Taking care of your beauty is the most important part of your (and our!) daily life. Women do not like dull skin. They wish and want glowing, youthful and healthy skin.

At Urbane Skin we respect your skin’s needs and for that matter we practice the accurate method of Skin Diagnosis. Therefore, prior to each skin care treatment, our Experts apply the method to monitor skin’s needs and imperfections and ultimately create treatments designed especially for you.


Skin Medi

Well trained beauticians and distinguished dermatologists evolve anti-aging therapies by using cutting-edge professional cosmetics and fillers with state-of-the-art aesthetic devices, thus delivering impressive results.

Carefully chosen mild chemical peelings, hydroxy acids and new generation fruit acids (AHA) offer immediate and unique results with little or zero recovery time. Most of them are well adapted to the Mediterranean climate of Greece even during the warm summer months.

Skin Style

The right makeup can transform the face. In the hands of Urbane Skin makeup artists it becomes the biggest secret helping women cover facial imperfections, fatigue or fine lines. Trust our experts to choose the right products and makeup for you.

Do not hesitate to ask the spa specialists more information regarding: Special occasions or bridal makeup, micro blading (eyes and lips), eye brow shaping, eyelashes extensions or wax.

Men's Care

Beauty has traditionally been women’s privilege but men want a part of it too. Men have evolved and have become more conscious in regards to their skin care. They wish to relax, take care of themselves, boost their self-confidence and obtain the skin and body they deserve.

The particularities of the male skin become a priority at Urbane Skin. By using the Skin Diagnosis method, each treatment is designed carefully to fully meet male needs. At Urbane Skin, comfort, discretion and respect for male skin allows every man to enjoy the skin care he deserves.