The basics

Cleansing, toning and hydrating our skin is the basic and essential daily skin care regimen, since we all wish to look refreshed and polished all day long.
Here is Urbane Skin must-have list to achieve healthy and beautiful skin: a daily cream, a rejuvenating cleansing foam, a power lotion, an emulsion, a serum or a gel.
Bio Jouvance Paris cosmetics are especially designed for every skin type resulting in advanced products with velvety texture achieving exquisite results.

All 3 basic lines of Bio Jouvance Paris, Rejuvenating, Hydrating and Clarifying each has 3 products that cleanse, tone and treat your complexion. Rejuvenating Rose Toner at 240 ml is a signature product and one of the brand’s Best Sellers containing vitamins and rose extract; perfect for refreshing and stimulating normal, dry and mature skin. If also functions as Aqua Mist and can be used during the summer months as after sun treatment as it cools and protects skin from discolorations. Keep in mind that it acts as an activator for Bio Choice anti-aging therapy that freezes fine lines and wrinkles.

*Please note that all Bio Jouvance Paris Day Creams are built with an SPF 12 sunscreen suitable for urban daily life.



Certainly, none of us likes to have a prematurely aged, dull, or dehydrated skin. As time goes by, along with the beautiful memories here comes maturity and it has a price tag on it that is called … aging process! Well… these are not aging sings really… they are just quite natural signs of maturity that we wish to delay, prevent or eliminate!

Surely, we do our beauty homework but is it enough… to drink more water, exercise and of course eat healthier and no sugar added?
Well no! We need stronger allies in our effort to defeat time.
Wrinkles, fine lines, spots, sagginess can be “defeated” as long as we decide to act upon them following a smart strategy!
Anti-aging Bio Jouvance Paris product are our ultimate ally! The formulas and their microcellular structure allow deeper penetration of ingredients to the skin producing immediate anti-aging effect.
New generation products such as Bio Matrix Wrinkle Filler & Booster Gel and Bio Matrix Lip & Eye Gel are excellent wrinkle fillers, moisturizers and volume boosters, while they soothe skin and create an even skin tone.

BIO CHOICE and Bio Matrix Wrinkle Filler treatments are non-injectable alternatives to Botox® and fillers respectively, producing similar impressive results to the injectable therapies.

BIO CHOICE is perfect for horizontal forehead lines, vertical lines between eyebrows, around eye area, the lips, neck wrinkles and facial outline, whereas BIO MATRIX WRINKLE FILLER is excellent for wrinkle filling, naso-labial folds, perioral wrinkles and restoration of skin vitality and youthfulness.
Both are suitable for mature and dry skin and for every woman that needs facial rejuvenation, tightening and strong preventive anti-aging effect.

The specialty

It’s easy to understand the necessity of “specialty” beauty products and cosmetics knowing that each one of us is different and unique, possessing minor (or great) special characteristics and needs.

As we grow older, small (or tiny!) annoying imperfections make their appearance to our skin and we just need to deal with them.

Don’t we all wish to eliminate the dark circles or crow’s feet around the eye area, or the fine lines and “wrinkles” on the neck, the spots or skin imperfections?
Skin has different needs every decade. Our beauty regime changes, (or should change) either enriched or strengthened according to age.
What would we do if Bio Jouvance Paris had not introduced to our lives and beauty habits vitamin C? Or collagen? The use of active ingredients add vitality, youthfulness, moisture and enhance skin with refined creams, masks, specialty products, nanocellular ingredients, advanced vitamins, antioxidants, refined vitamin C, collagen, colastin, peptides, hyaluronic acid, iris extract, gold flakes 14 Karats or diamond powder.

Clearly, “specialty” products include sunscreens that protect from UVA & UVB rays with SPF 30. We shouldn’t also neglect the sensitive eye area which can be treated with Firming Eye Gel (frozen) that fights black circles very effectively. A pioneering eye gel that soothes and significantly reduces eye puffiness; it contains innovative Marine DNA, hydrolyzed collagen, elastin, vitamin E and aloe vera extract.


The medical

Ampoules, peelings, special professional film masks, peel off and leave-on or recovery masks from minor aesthetic procedures, gold and diamond Bio Jouvance Paris masks –they all belong to the stars!!! Evidently, the series became famous for their effectiveness and safety during skin application. These award-winning active products, an innovation in cosmetic aesthetics, are addressing small or more difficult skin issues in a safe and holistic way.
Innovative cellular DNA creams (DNA Cream Ultimate Anti-Age Repair) tone, treat signs of aging and rejuvenate while they make you look years younger.
Bio Jouvance Paris scientific team invests in continued research and has established a strong know-how in regards to the medical cosmetology of non-invasive professional cosmetics for facial and body treatments. Products like collagen ampoules, elastin and Instant Lift (microcellular) are high in phyto estrogens, anti-aging properties, rich in proteins and peptides and as such they manage to renew and rejuvenate cells.

Devices such as ultrasound, HIFU, oxygen, innovative “Beauty Globes”, cryotherapy, microneedling, fruit acids and safe chemical peelings are powerful “weapons” in the medical non-invasive aesthetics Urbane Skin practices and along with the application of Bio Jouvance Paris achieve excellent results.

The body

What’s the perfect weight? What is going on with (the permanent) cellulite concern? What about our “buns”, local fat, “loose” belly? We are our body! It reflects our image, our way of life, and most importantly our health. Every woman desires a beautiful body. Bio Jouvance Paris pays special attention by offering specialized series particularly active to combat every small or bigger “problem”. Creams, scrubs, oil blends, sea clay, salts, microbeads, algae, essential oils, mesotherapy, circular massage, lymphatic massage, pressotherapy to name a few, all successful products and techniques are carefully chosen to create the perfect body.
Thermo active with cinnamon and avocado cream along with almond oil extract target liposuction, detox, oxygenate and moisturize. Seaweeds, sea clay, creams and body gels such as Slimming & Firming Microgel with oligopeptides, plankton and herbal microspheres, slim down and tighten while boosting microcirculation, firm tissue, break-down fat cells and remove toxins.


The unique!

It is, indeed, unique: The famous treatment of Bio Jouvance Paris with frozen stem cells. This treatment tackles the reprogramming and function of skin tissue and is the result of advanced research by distinguished scientists.
The effect is impressive in eliminating wrinkles and tightening facial contour as well as in treating cellulite, firming skin, softening stretch marks and dealing overall with premature aging of the cells.

The truly miraculous Bio Lift Stick, a frozen cryotherapy product made of plant stem cells, is applied to the skin straight from the deep freezer. It is designed to program the cellular structure of the epidermis by generating new cells. These new cells “create an environment” in existing tissue so that all cells act as youthful, since they function in an energy-filled setting. Skin uniformity, oxygenation and tightening are visible instantly after the first application. Treat premature aging and enjoy cryolifting without plastic surgery!

The science of beauty

Yes, Beauty is Science! And, yes, the Science of Beauty at Bio Jouvance Paris has a leading role by using the methods of Gemotherapy and Biogaphyt ™.
Gemοtherapy is a revolutionary method of producing products for revitalizing and treating skin tissue at cellular level. It is a type of herbal medicine that creates healing agents by utilizing the embryonic tissue and the reproductive cells found in the buds and emerging shoots of a plant. The production of cosmetics based on Gemotherapy is unique and sophisticated since the valuable ingredients found in the raw materials are kept youthful and fresh. And as you may have already realized, Gemotherapy has no side effects while offering impressive results.

Biogaphyt ™ is an innovative technique of Biojouvance Paris international team of renowned biochemists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, based on the principles of Gemotherapy that took the extraction technique one step further by infusing (through a special process) products with dynamic and efficacy. So with Biogaphyt ™ we create products extracted from especially young selected fruits and plants that “captivate” their natural composition and aroma at a rate ranging from 92 – 98%. The outcome is products with super concentrated ingredients that are impressive and effective from the first application.
It is obvious that the science of beauty for Bio Jouvance Paris is a constant effort to overcome its limits.