Urbane Group is also active in the field of luxury hospitality business, by designing and managing spa and wellness facilities in boutique & lifestyle hotels in Athens as well as other high touristic locations in Greece. Hence, it contributes with allure to high quality beauty services in the hotel industry.
The “Spa & Wellness Management” department provides comprehensive Spa management solutions such as: planning, organizing, coordinating, managing, recruiting and training staff and spa marketing. The company integrates its experience with the international spa and wellness management standards and designs customized Spa concepts to optimize guest experience.

Spa Management

Urbane Group provides wide-range Spa management services. It implements personalized Spa concepts by successfully combining advanced marketing methods with the philosophy of lifestyle & boutique hotels.

Spa Philosophy

The design is implemented in such a way that the spa reflects and highlights the hotel’s philosophy. From the concept to the beauty menu, the Spa etiquette, the styling and the ambience all elements add up to a sophisticated 5-star outcome.

Spa Training

Urbane Group is committed to recruit highly trained staff. At the same time the company looks after the training of its therapists while ensuring the compliance of Spa Etiquette.

Spa Marketing

Spa is appealing to hotel guests since it offers a holistic experience. Marketing and promotion are developed in a way to build an exclusive experience for guests.

Plan a wellness getaway in the environment of your dreams: in the city, on the islands, or wherever you wish. Experience a special happening and celebrate YOURSELF(!). Whether it is your anniversary, birthday or “your special day” make it count with a Spa or Party event.

Rejuvenate your beautiful self -that is your mission. Even more so when you are on holidays, wish to relax, or introduce wellness as part of your hectic daily life. URBANE SKIN’s exclusive wellness treatments performed with accredited Spa Therapists allow you to enjoy personalized therapies and beauty services in your favorite private space: your apartment, your home, your villa or your hotel room.

High-end beauty and wellness services AND on board! Either in the luxurious environment of a yacht, on a cruise ship, on during a daily getaway. Trust Urbane Skin and take off your holidays or treat your guests to an ultra-luxury level gift by experiencing an exquisite wellness program on Board.

A few words about Urbane Group:

  • The company “URBANE SKIN LOUNGE“, a modern 5 star wellness Spa in Kolonaki square where skilled Beauty Experts provide avant-garde aesthetic, beauty and wellness services. The Exquisite Beauty Destination. The Lounge also functions as a showroom where the company showcases its exquisite services to its partners, hoteliers and customers network.
  • The company represents exclusively two professional beauty brands Bio Jouvance Paris and EMA Clinical (Exclusive Medical Advancement) * in Greece and Cyprus and is also active in managing and operating spas throughout Greece. A pioneer in creating facial and body skin care solutions, the company is perceived with appreciation and trust of by top professionals, renowned physicians, Beauty Centers and Spas.
  • Urbane Skin is concentrated in its philosophy, “Savoir Faire – Beauté – Vivre!” offering a high level of aesthetics. At the same time, it is distinguished for its know-how regarding the selection process of selection of technologically advanced cosmetic products; its innovative approach on face and body therapies, as well as the successful combination of classical and modern aesthetics – all to produce an impeccable result. 

*Bio Jouvance Paris cosmetic products are based in cell therapy which has functioned as an inspiration for R&D research and development for a lot of treatments and leading in the Cryotherapy breakthrough. At the same time, the brand practices patented manufacturing methods, such as Biogaphyt ™, Gemotherapy and Live Cell technique.
The EMA Clinical series includes cosmetic, exfoliating, fruit acids and AHA’s, as well as rejuvenation products applied after facial aesthetic in dermatological and plastic surgery clinics.

Bio Jouvance Paris and EMA Clinical products are manufactured in France, comply with international product regulations and are approved by the FDA. The company’s products are available in professional packaging for professionals of the industry like beauty centers & institutes, doctors, Spas and Medical Spas.
At the same time, selected products are available in retail packaging and at selected retail locations.
You may find them at URBANE SKIN: The exquisite beauty destination!