Beauty alert: Clear skin with or without mask

Ok, let’s see what lies under the mask.  Is your skin clear?  No? Do you wonder why? Well, first things first.

Nowadays, masks have become a trendy accessory to our appearance since we have to wear them to protect ourselves. Wearing a mask regularly favors irritations and acne breakouts. And that’s exactly what Maskne (mask+acne) phenomenon is all about: making skin dry or super oily, developing acne-prone skin or redness on the cheeks and jaw area.

Urbane Skin Vs Maskne

Wearing a mask for many hours affects skin hydration. It may not be the direct cause for pH changing, but it definitely plays its role to that. Having said that, skin condition is reversible with the use of the appropriate products and facial treatments.

If you wish your skin to regain its glow, you need to deal with Μaskne in a professional way. The experienced beauticians at Urbane Skin Spa possess the know-how to consult you and recommend the right regime for your skin from the professional Bio Jouvance Paris products line according to your skin type. These renowned products come to the rescue of your skin balancing pH and allowing your skin to “breathe” again.

Skin Care at home

An impressive skin rejuvenation is on the way, if you follow step by step the super anti-maskne regime of Urbane Skin with the help of excellent quality Bio Jouvance Paris cosmetics. And remember, taking regular care of your skin will help you have an ever-glowing skin. So, let’s start with the basics:

  • Hydrating Cleansing Μilk, a light milky cleanser gently removes makeup and cleans skin, while it hydrates and restores lost radiance.
  • Gentle Face Scrub, an excellent exfoliating product with Jojoba beets, removes dead cells effectively, while it hydrates and softens skin.
  • Rejuvenating Rose Toner is the secret lotion with rose water that cleanses the pores and tones, while it rejuvenates and soothes skin by maintaining its pH at normal levels. Its sophisticated formula makes it a super star for a perfectly healthy skin.
  • And here comes hydration: Depending on your skin type, you may choose one of the 3 creams for daily use, all with SPF 12; the rich Rejuvenating Day Cream for anti-aging, the silky Hydrating Day Cream for deep hydration or the sati smooth Clarifying Day Cream that balances oiliness.
  • Of course, the award-winning 100% Hyaluronic acid, named Hydrozon Serum achieves immediate cell regeneration and effectively reduces the “damage” skin has suffered from maskne or other environmental factors.

Prevention is key, so here is some advice:

  • Choose masks made of good quality materials that do not clog pores. For example, cotton masks are made of more skin-friendly materials that allow the skin to breathe.
  • Change your mask regularly.
  • Avoid “teasing” any pimples to prevent unpleasant irritations.
  • Follow your regular at home skin cleansing regime for a radiant skin with or without a mask.

Glowing skin reflects how healthy you are and that’s why we need to take care of it properly.

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