It will relax us, reveal our tension and make it easier for us to be flexible and gentle when we move.
And we are not talking about a miracle! Βut, only about the Massage! What else?

There is a lot to talk about regarding the oldest non-invasive forms of relaxation –The Massage. The word “massage” has its roots in France, the first literary references come from China and India; in Latin the word “massa” translates as “mass / dough”, while in Arabic as “touch.” In Greek, it means “massage”, while the word “rub” can be used as a definition too.
Massage is often associated with pain intuitively and when we are in that state we have the tendency to touch ourselves right at this spot in order to release pain and relax the muscle. This touch works therapeutically as it reduces stress and leads us to psychological, spiritual and physical relaxation. Hippocrates who is the father of medicine imposed on his apprentices the rubbing as an essential medical practice.
50’ – 50€

Reflexology massage that focuses on the upper body. It focuses on pressure points capable of activating the body and relieving muscular tension. The relaxation process is achieved by applying gentle movements from the back of the neck to the top of the head; further the physiotherapist works in a holistic way by putting pressure to the back muscles and release tension. Its results are immediate and impressive, providing a unique feeling of relaxation and well-being.
30′- 30 €

Physiotherapy and modern aromatherapy massage designed to offer pleasure, relieve any physical pain and relax the muscles. It is performed with dry, oxygenating oil, rich in grape seed oil, vitamins A, B and E. It instantly relieves muscle tension, moisturizes, soothes, does not irritate skin and leaves no oil residue*.

* Refreshing oxygenating oil for body health. Urbane Skin trademark and signature massage.
50 ‘- 70 €

She is the permanent enemy of all women. She is the one who, even if you have a perfect body she will still… hit your door. Which one; But … cellulite of course! Urbane Skin is tackling it heads on! And it is being eliminated! With the absolute therapies!
Bio Slimming & Firming Treatment treats fat cells or local fat problems and intense skin sagging.
Bio Anti-Cellulite Treatment with the use of Roller (bio roller and micro needling) or ultrasound is impressive from session one. Our key … weapon is our technique!!! And excellent quality microcellular professional products such as Thermo Active Cellulite Cream and Slimming & Firming Microgel.

50′- 50 €

* Ask us for our packages and friendly prices!

A highly technical massage that will stimulate your self-confidence! It achieves slimming and tightening, while at the same time the application of Thalassotherapy products from the Sargasso Sea offer cell renewal, relaxation, relief, hydration and improvement of the circulatory and lymphatic system.
60′- 70 €

A technical and deep massage for … those in the know. A slow yet “dynamic” massage that blends Swedish massage movements that release muscle tension and help you recover from chronic pain.
Deep Tissue is a therapeutic massage, especially useful in cases of chronic contraction and muscle tension. (triggerpoints) *
* Triggerpoints are “knots” of muscular groups that emerge when we have a bad posture, work long hours in front of a computer, standing etc.
70′- 70 €

It is a medium pressure style massage with healing movements designed to focus heavily on pain, offering muscle relaxation while softly treating injuries at the same time. By using the body mapping technique, the spa specialist proceeds to a personalized massage with special movements and a combined mix of techniques.
70′- 90 €
* Urbane Skin trademark and signature massage.

At Urbane SKIN, we love and care for moms and future moms. We want them to relax and make them feel unique! On the other hand, we know very well that a woman who is expecting a baby, or who has just given birth, needs special care while treating her muscles. Massage should be done on the side with a special pillow. Deep massage is forbidden, while the relaxing massage which is beneficial does not include movements on the front of the body or the abdomen.
50′- 40 €, 60′ – 60€

Who does not need a little luxury? We refer to these absolutely “personal” moments that we offer ourselves. Because we are worth it! At Urbane SKIN, luxurious massage and beauty treatments for well-being and relaxation are blended with our philosophy for discretion, respect of “privacy” and personality of our client. At Urbane Skin the time devoted to your well-being becomes of unique importance.
70′- 70 €

The couples massage is a massage for two. Performed in the same room, at the same time. It offers the absolute well-being to you and your escort. You only have to choose the partner and book a Couples Massage. In the same room at the same time.
Choose between anti-stress or deep tissue massage and feel its beneficial and relaxing effect directly to your body.
Couples massage is highly recommended as a bridal gift before the big day to relax or offer it as an anniversary gift.
Please ask about Urbane Skin Gift Card and offer it as a surprise gift to your loved ones!

70 ‘- 150 €

The power of essential oils (known since antiquity) and the scientific knowledge of Bio Jouvance Paris combined together allowed Urbane Skin to offer an advanced product: the Purifying Salt Glow Body Scrub produced with Gemotherapy technology. The result in body exfoliation and deep hydration is unique. The treatment combines massage with refined oils and deep hydration with avocado extract.
Suitable for full body treatments or for special therapies such as feet exfoliation & dettox.
70′- 70 €

Thalasso Body Treatment (thalassotherapy) addresses cellulite, local fat and “saddlebags” with impressive results.
The use of bio roller with micro needles or ultrasound with the application of products such as Thermo Active Cellulite Cream or Slimming & Firming Microgel achieve the ultimate result: Absolute Relaxation Massage enriched with Thalassotherapy Essential Oil and a refined body cream that contains avocado extracts are an ideal combination.

70′-70 €

Detoxify and decongest the lymphatic system in order to stimulate and oxygenate the body with concentrated pure clay from the Sargasso Sea that requires water dilution. Further, the application of refined oxygenating dry oil (a physiotherapy formula) relieves muscular pains. The products contain natural argyle, seaweed, shells, cypress oil and essential oils for instant break down of cellulite cells, elimination of toxins and stimulation of lymphatic circulation, while at the same time they soothe, tone, tighten and hydrate skin.

70′-60 €

Hydration treatment with azulene ampoule and soothing mask for rejuvenation and hydration with chamomile and aloe vera. It offers soothing effects after a hot day under the sun while at the same time it achieves rejuvenation, hydration, nourishment and skin glow. It treats dryness while acting on the cellular level for smoother and firmer skin. Excellent for mature or damaged skin.
60′-50 €

The therapy freezes the surface of the skin by instantly activating mechanisms of stimulation, elasticity and skin tightening. A variety of products are used for this treatment such as masks, frozen ampoules, a special massage cream and cold rubber mask.

o Cold Rubber Mask Powder: An effective cryo peel off mask that firms and tones skin. A multi-functional product applied after the creamy masks for immediate effect that contains Diatomaceous Earth ingredient, rich in amino acids.
60′-60 €

A modern non-invasive method of treating local fat and cellulite that is absolutely effective and safe.
It targets “buns”, belly fat, thighs ….. , arms, calves and buttocks. The device has rollers that make a deep lymphatic massage, contributing to better lymph circulation, blood supply to the area and “deflation” of swollen cells.
100 € – 150 €

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