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The power of essential oils (known since antiquity) and the scientific knowledge of Bio Jouvance Paris combined together allowed Urbane Skin to offer an advanced product: the Purifying Salt Glow Body Scrub produced with Gemotherapy technology. The result in body exfoliation and deep hydration is unique. The treatment combines massage with refined oils and deep hydration with avocado extract.
Suitable for full body treatments or for special therapies such as feet exfoliation & dettox.
70′- 70 €

Thalasso Body Treatment (thalassotherapy) addresses cellulite, local fat and “saddlebags” with impressive results.
The use of bio roller with micro needles or ultrasound with the application of products such as Thermo Active Cellulite Cream or Slimming & Firming Microgel achieve the ultimate result: Absolute Relaxation Massage enriched with Thalassotherapy Essential Oil and a refined body cream that contains avocado extracts are an ideal combination.

70′-70 €

Detoxify and decongest the lymphatic system in order to stimulate and oxygenate the body with concentrated pure clay from the Sargasso Sea that requires water dilution. Further, the application of refined oxygenating dry oil (a physiotherapy formula) relieves muscular pains. The products contain natural argyle, seaweed, shells, cypress oil and essential oils for instant break down of cellulite cells, elimination of toxins and stimulation of lymphatic circulation, while at the same time they soothe, tone, tighten and hydrate skin.

70′-60 €

Hydration treatment with azulene ampoule and soothing mask for rejuvenation and hydration with chamomile and aloe vera. It offers soothing effects after a hot day under the sun while at the same time it achieves rejuvenation, hydration, nourishment and skin glow. It treats dryness while acting on the cellular level for smoother and firmer skin. Excellent for mature or damaged skin.
60′-50 €

The therapy freezes the surface of the skin by instantly activating mechanisms of stimulation, elasticity and skin tightening. A variety of products are used for this treatment such as masks, frozen ampoules, a special massage cream and cold rubber mask.

o Cold Rubber Mask Powder: An effective cryo peel off mask that firms and tones skin. A multi-functional product applied after the creamy masks for immediate effect that contains Diatomaceous Earth ingredient, rich in amino acids.
60′-60 €

A modern non-invasive method of treating local fat and cellulite that is absolutely effective and safe.
It targets “buns”, belly fat, thighs ….. , arms, calves and buttocks. The device has rollers that make a deep lymphatic massage, contributing to better lymph circulation, blood supply to the area and “deflation” of swollen cells.
90 € – 280 €

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