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Freeze time with Bio Choice, non-injectable alternative to Botox® face treatment. An innovation of Bio Jouvance Paris brand that consists of microcellular serum, infused gauzes and frozen cream that contain amino acids and argireline. The application is performed with infrared led light and ultrasound for instant penetration of ingredients. The serum is applied directly on fine lines and wrinkles and with the assistance of aesthetic devices it penetrates the skin resulting in an immediate anti-aging effect.
40 € – 120 €
* Botox® is a trade mark of Allergan pharmaceutical company.

Anti-wrinkle treatment for deep hydration and wrinkles filler. A microgel with infused thin gauzes helps deliver the hyaluronic acid microspheres to the skin with the use of ultrasound device for deeper penetration of the ingredients. Urbane Skin uses safe, natural, non-injectable cosmetic professional cosmetics designed to “iron” and fill wrinkles, while at the same time restoring vitality and youthfulness of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is extracted from young plants with the method of Gemmotherapy. Suitable for every skin type.
40 € – 120 €

Mesotherapy is a technique which solves a variety of aesthetic issues by injecting ingredients in deeper layers of the skin. We can all benefit from it since it is based in nanotechnology. Here are the 3 therapies offered:

1) Anti-aging (Nanolifting)

Non-injectable mesotherapy with 14 Karat gold magnets. Another Bio Jouvance Paris breakthrough. A pioneering therapy based on the principle of the Law of Attraction and magnetic fields that achieves a direct penetration of nano ingredients to deeper layers of the epidermis! A non-injectable alternative to anti-aging, liposuction, blepharoplasty, lifting and other medical aesthetic invasive methods widely used today. Suitable for any skin type.

2) Skin Lightening (Νanowhitening)
A skin whitening treatment with kojic acid that effectively reduces pigmentation and dark spots while improving skin tone. The goal is achieved by using innovative nano technological products (with nanoparticles) and the use of Bio Roller for greater efficiency and penetration.

3) Acne (Nanoacne)

A treatment designed especially to cure oily, acne-prone skin and minimal acne scars. Innovative nanotechnology products are used in order to regulate sebum secretion, tighten pores, detoxify, moisturize and soothe skin.

50 € – 90 €

Bio Roller is highly effective for anti-aging, tightening, whitening, diminishing marks from acne or photodamage. It triggers the production of new collagen and elastin in the lower layers of the epidermis to minimize wrinkles, erase spots and add volume. In addition, Bio Roller causes hyperemia and significantly “opens” skin tissue, hence multiplying product penetration by 40 times.

50€ – 70€

Gold & Diamond -these are the favorite new therapies of Stars! Bio Jouvance Paris created them just for you! With 100% diamond powder and 24 Karat gold flakes both therapies are producing strong anti-aging effects, antioxidant protection and ultimately restoring minerals and skin pH to normal levels. The skin becomes soft, glowing, with volume, uniform and velvety.
They belong to the “SPECIALTY” category treatments, ideal for immediate results or special occasions (bridal, reveillions, New Year’s Eve parties etc).

70€ – 90€

They are organic carboxylic acids commonly known as AHA, extracted from nature and fruits. Perfect therapy for applications on skin types with uneven tone, oily, acne, with pigmentation and spots, premature aging or small imperfections. Popular AHA’s are extracted from sugarcane, apple, grape, citrus or pineapple! Only to name a few successful formulas: glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane, maleic acid can be found in apples, tartaric acid is found in grapes, lactic acid is derived from tomato juice and citric acid in citrus fruits and pineapples.

When the right AHA is applied locally on the skin the result is direct and effective.

In URBANE SKIN we use EMA CLINICAL AHA products, a revolutionary and perfectly safe medical aesthetic brand, based on the latest research of cosmetology and biochemistry.

50€ – 90€

An especially effective and safe chemical peeling. The ideal treatment for anti-aging, whitening, dryness, pores tightening and a great solution for photo aging, scars, spots and some autoimmune skin diseases. Its history in cosmetic medicine counts 100 years with many tested and successful applications. The peel was name after Dr. Jessner who discovered it and made it famous for its remarkable, yet safe results. Its application does not exceed 6 minutes. The after treatment requires deep hydration with hyaluronic acid, a repair lotion and the application of sunscreen with SPF 30 for several days.


If you wish to experience the absolute rejuvenation facial then you have to try this revolutionary anti-aging treatment. The Cryotherapy of Bio Jouvance Paris Cryotherapy is widely recognized for its effectiveness. The Cryo Firming Ampoules containing stem cells, stored in a syringe without the needle have similar effects to injectable therapies and fillers.
The frozen Cryotherapy Stick, the so-called “Bio Lift Stick” and Beauty Globes complement the therapy, achieving muscle stimulation with cryo gymnastics, tightening, deep hydration, collagen stimulation, and a perfect glow that will make you look 10 years younger!

60’ – 250€

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