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Try this anti-aging, revolutionary treatment! It freezes the surface of the skin by activating the anti-aging mechanism that produces collagen offering skin rejuvenation, hydration and glow. This effect is accomplished with the use of frozen globes (Beauty Globes).
Bio Jouvance Paris Cryotherapy is renowned for producing immediate results. Beauty Globes are used frozen directly on the skin and cause muscle toning and tightening; along with the cryo gymnastics circular movements they “exercise” facial muscles, enhancing their elasticity and natural skin glow. Suitable for all skin types.
30′-30 €

A facial massage performed with dry oxygenating oil –an award winning formula– that contains grape seed oil and vitamins A, B and E. The therapist uses circular upward movements and the result is a toned, tightened and oxygenated skin that leaves no oil residue.

30′- 30 €

An extremely pleasing face treatment using strawberry or cranberry masks that effectively fight oxidation and free radicals. It is especially designed for strong antioxidant protection and cell renewal of the skin. It creates a glowing skin, it targets cell renewal and total anti-aging and will make you feel fabulous, since it is a therapy suitable for spa style treatments. It is ideally combined with serums and ampoules such as Hyaluronic Acid or Cell Booster. Suitable for special occasions (bridal etc.) achieving skin brightness and glow.
30′- 30 €

A rejuvenation treatment suited for younger ages, normal to dry or sensitive skin. It offers anti-aging, rejuvenation, glow, toning and tightening of the skin, while creating a pleasant feeling of renewal and well-being.
30′- 40 €

Anti-aging, firming, nourishing and glowing of the sensitive eye area. Therapy includes collagen sheets saturated with microcellular vitamin C serum and eye cream. Get rid of those annoying dark circles under our eyes, regardless of the reason: insomnia, dehydration or hereditary! You no longer wish to look tired or aged. Well ladies, it’s time to treat them!
30′- 40 €

How can one forget that a woman’s age is “betrayed” by her hands! So after the age of 50, skin anti-aging and lightening of our hands is imperative!
Anti-aging hand therapy: Performed with fruit acids like 40% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid. Recommended for 50+.
Skin Whitening hand therapy: For pigmentation, dark spots, scars, sun damaged skin. Performed with fruit acids 30% glycolic acid and 2% kojic acid or nanotechnology products (AQUA MATRIX).
PS: With persistence and care you stand a great chance to avoid Lasers!
30′- 30 €

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