Diamond Dermabrasion Facial

Diamonds are forever…

«Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself» Coco Chanel quoted and we certainly agree with her. As a matter of fact, modern aesthetics confirms that certain beauty rituals have been proven timeless and beneficial.

Diamond Dermabrasion is an innovative facial treatment that uses diamond microcrystals to rejuvenate skin that produces visible and immediate results. No wonder why Hollywood celebrities swear by it!

Diamond Dermabrasion stands out for both its applied technique and its long-lasting results. Go ahead and pamper yourself with this exquisite facial. Celebrate life with your new and glowing skin at Urbane Skin Spa. Your skin deserves only the best!

It is a complete facial treatment that offers extra skin care with the use of renowned professional cosmetics Bio Jouvance Paris. It is worth mentioning that exfoliating products, such as Gommage Sloughing Cream or Octopeel Enzyme Peel prepare your skin for such an advanced facial treatment. After the preparation stage diamond heads are applied to the skin with circular movements that require experience. Apparently, the device uses a variety of heads in different sizes and shapes in order to achieve greater accuracy depending on the area applied.

Diamond Dermabrasion benefits:

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells while removing excess sebum and dirt.
  • Softens and improves skin texture.
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Balances skin oiliness, while shrinking large pores.
  • Minimizes sun spots and discolorations while restoring skin glow.

A pain-free, no irritations, immediate results facial treatment.

Claim your charm; book the ultimate glowing skin care facial.

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You may visit the Spa, at 23 Kanari Street in Kolonaki, Athens, Greece and let Urbane Skin and forever Diamonds pamper you. You certainly deserve it!


Questions and Answers

Is Diamond Dermabrasion safe and how often is it recommended?

Once a week to once per month always depending on the quality and type of your skin. Specialized products are used, so it is completely safe to get it often.

Why is Diamond Dermabrasion Facial so effective?

The secret lies on the heads of the state-of-the-art device. Its heads are consisted of multiple diamonds enabling it to act on different skin areas. This way the treatment achieves a precise and refined result in cleansing, smoothing and glowing the skin.

Are there any irritations after Diamond Dermabrasion treatment?

Rest assured, there is no pain, no irritation or redness. Urbane Skin applies carefully selected high quality products before and after treatment for best result, excluding unpleasant surprises.

I am 35 years old and interested in Diamond Dermabrasion for myself and also to offer it as a gift to my husband. Would you recommend it?

Diamond Dermabrasion is suitable for all ages and genders and is applied in a safe and effective way. It protects the skin from sun aging damages, humidity and air pollution while at the same time it renews it. The most beneficial effect is radiance, as it defuses the signs of time.

An ideal gift to choose for all men and women who want to rejuvenate the texture of their skin. Urbane Skin experienced Beauticians regulate the intensity of dermabrasion depending on type of skin and area of application. By doing so, the facial is perfectly suitable for both men and women with great results.

May I combine Diamond Dermabrasion with other treatments during the same session?

Diamond Dermabrasion is the ideal treatment for the complete renewal of your skin. Urbane Skin beauticians are available to recommend additional treatments, suitable for your skin, applied in combination with the professional Bio Jouvance Paris products.

Do try Oxygen therapy for rejuvenation or non-injectable Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid that fills wrinkles; also, our famous booster gel, peptides, multivitamins and vitamin C -to name a few. You may benefit from these treatments at your convenience, either at the same session or in separate sessions. Urbane Skin offers a variety of extra treatments for lasting effects!