Urbane Skin Spa Gift Card: The Ultimate Beauty Gift!

How about offering a unique gift to the special people in your life? If the answer is ‘’Yes’’, then try a wellness experience that will be remembered for long.

Urbane Skin City Spa is inspired by the 5-star luxury hotel spas around the world and is designed to offer guests and travelers Beauty, Spa & Wellness services, providing an exquisite beauty experience and establishing the “international en vogue beauty attitude” in the city of Athens.

By offering Urbane Skin Spa Gift Card you pamper the people in your life in the most luxurious way.

The circumstances for such a gift? Plenty! Surprise someone you love on their birthday, name day or anniversary in a pleasant and unexpected way! Or, offer it as a wedding gift or as a celebration bachelorette party for the bride and her girlfriends.

With respect to the individual needs of every client and skin, the well-trained team of spa therapists offers avant-garde face and body skin care treatments with professional products of high quality and cutting edge methodology.

Urbane Skin Spa Gift Card: The ultimate beauty gift.

The details:

  • You may purchase one or more gift cards worth of 50€, 80€, 100€, or 150€.
  • You may combine face and body therapies in one gift card.
  • You may purchase it personally at Urbane Skin Spa, 23 Kanari Street, 1st floor, Kolonaki, Athens.
  • You may order it by phone +30 210 7250473 or email info@urbaneskin.com, deposit the amount of the gift card via e-banking and we will send it to the location or person you wish by courier.

Note: Urbane Skin Spa Gift Card is personal, not transferable, numbered and has a duration of 3 months from the date of purchase.